The Internet is a crowded place, and if you’re trying to get your website to get noticed, it pays to make sure that your site is optimised. Today’s websites need to be designed so that they are useful to your visitors, and accessible by search engines. Ensuring that your site is social will help to get it noticed and increase popularity.

The EssexMax website aims to offer practical information and advice on how to maximise your website’s performance. Here, you’ll find handy links, tools, course information¬† and advice on Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing.

If you need to make your site work harder for you, the tips on this site can help to maximise the performance of your website and drive more visitors to your site content.

The EssexMax site is divided into the following sections:

The team behind this site is based in Essex, in the UK. The world of Internet Marketing is a fast-moving and exciting one… we hope this site is of use.

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