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Posted by EssexMax on 18 March 2016 under Social Media | Be the First to Comment

We’ve just completed Week 2 of the second Social Media Marketing course, with a very enthusiastic class, including a few students from my recent Search Engine Optimisation Course – gluttons for punishment coming back for more of me!

Here’s a summary of course progress so far:

Getting Started:

The first week saw us as a group discussing the merits of using social media and looking at each student’s particular areas. We have some keen to gain a broader understandimg of the world of social media, some planning projects that may make use of Twitter and Facebook, and some with established online identities looking to build a larger and more loyal audience.


The current king of social media, so not ssurprising that this is a big focus. We looked at the following:

  • The Facebook basics
  • Setting up a Facebook Page
  • Demonstration of Facebook Adverts
  • Events, groups and apps
  • Demonstration of demographic targeting
  • Stats and post performance
Facebook Engagement Stats - Who's reading what

Facebook Engagement Stats – Who’s reading what

It’s important to create a Facebook page for your online business or project – as opposed to a Facebook account for a fake person

Facebook Broken PageA club I used to be be a member of lost 2 years of its Facebook history by creating an account with the name “{clubname} Club” – As “Club” is not a common surname, it was only a matter of time before it was deleted. One of yesterday’s class has had a similar experience.

The ability to target on Facebook makes it a very powerful tool. With so many users freely telling Facebook their personal details, preferences, likes and dislikes, getting a message out there via a Facebook page is a great way to get a message in front of the right audience, in a way that’s not possible with other online solutions.

Week 3 of the course sees the focus shift to Twitter.



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