About Us

Internet Marketing can be challenging, and we’re hoping that the advice you’ll find on this site will steer you in the right direction, If you’re looking to get more from your website, then consider attending one of our courses – they’re run on evenings and weekends in Central Southend.


On this site, you’ll find pages of tips and hints on how to get more from your website, and what to do if you’re strugging to get your Southend-on-Sea website noticed. The site is designed to support our range of courses, but also as a place to discuss problems about getting new sites noticed, plus a place to ask for some advice and to find out more about those SEO buzzwords, and what they really mean.


Who we are

The EssexMax website is run by a small team close to Southend-on-Sea. The team behind this site runs a small local website consultancy, and also offers courses on Search Engine Optimisation, Web Optimisation, Business Blogging and Podcasting.

This site isn’t here to solicit work, or to promote us as freelance consultants – it’s here as a service to those who’ve attended a course, or are looking for some free help or guidance. If you have a question, we’d love you to get in touch, and maybe we can suggest a few things to help your site to perform a little better.

For more on how to get the most from your search engine optimisation in South Essex, see Southend SEO