Blogging with WordPress Nov 2013 – Week 2

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This short update has been written a couple of hours after the end of Week 2 of my Blogging With WordPress course at South Essex College, just to note some of the discussion points.

The start of the second session started with a recap of what was covered the prvious week, namely:

  • An introduction to WordPress
  • What WordPress can do
  • Creating an account with
  • Posts and pages

As the start of this session, it was clear that most of my victims had spent some time playing with their test blog sites, as many now had a good collection of posts and images. After a quick recap, it was on to the main topics for the second session:

  • Images – How to insert images, move them around, and make sure they’re tagged correctly with an ‘alt’ tag
  • Blog design – A look at how to select a theme and what can be customised
  • Menus – How to add new items, customise and create sub-menus
  • Widgets explained – a look at some of the more common widgets fouind in the environment

During the short coffee-break, the subject of making money from a blog came up – something that seemed to be of interest to everyone on the course. That let to a discussion, and later, a demonstration, of the following:

  • Google Adsense ads
  • Behavioural re-targeting
  • In-context ads
  • Amazon Associates

There’s a summary of ways to get started making money from a website here: making money from your website

Hopefully, the candidates on the course are enjoying what’s on offer, and learning stuff. Next week, we’ll be looking more closely at the difference between and, and diving deeper into Widgets.


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