What is SEO?

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The key to a successful website is making sure that when your customers look for you, they can find you, and that’s where search engine optimisation is needed to get that all important visibility.

Thousands of people make a living selling Search Engine Optimisation serviceshere in the UK, butif you understand the basic concepts, you can make small changes to your site that will vasly help your chances of getting noticed by the search engines

On this site, we’ll explain what SEO is all about, tell you the basics, and point you at some free handy tools.

How important is SEO?

For most sites, search engines account for the largest amount of site traffic, so it’s important to get noticed, and rank well.

Percentage of search traffic

Stats showing percentage of search traffic

How much of your traffic comes in via a search engine?

Are your potential customers able to find you? How well do you rank? How do you stack up against your online competition.

What next?

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