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Southend-on-Sea RoadsignRun a business in or around the Southend area? We’re here to offer you some free Search Engine Optimisation tips.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is a tricky business… finding a way of getting your website to rank highly with the leading search engines Google and Bing.

What do I need to do to “optimise” my site?

There are several areas in the world of SEO, and the all play a part in getting websites to be noticed and to rank highly:

  • Getting incoming links to your site from other websites
  • Optimising the code on your pages to make it Google and Bing friendly
  • Looking at your keywords and key phrases – the words you want to be found by
  • Optimising your site to make things more accessible by the online spiders

Where do I start with SEO?

Firstly, we’d suggest you have a wander around this site. It’s fairly new, and we’re adding content at the moment – perhaps if you can’t find what you’re looking for, add a comment tothe bottom of this page, or get in touch with us and ask a question.

Alternatively, check out our recommended SEO Books

I’m in Southend… can you help my SEO?

At the moment, we’re not offering a Southend Searc Engine Optimisation consultancy service, but you could be cheeky and ask us a quick question if you’re unsure of an SEO issue.

What we can recommend, however, is a Search Engine Optimisation course being held at South Essex College, just off Southend High Street. You can find more details at: Southend Search Engine Optimisation Course

If you’re in Southend, and new to SEO, we wish you well with your search engine optimisation, and hope you find this site useful.

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